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Amy, your arrangements were fabulous and guests stopped in their tracks, feasting on the perfect combination of scale texture and the best autumn colors! The large piece on the pedestal was particularly splendid. You have outdone yourself in all regards. Wow, what a hit. The evenings was a great success, as well, and nature's bounty, all around added immeasurably to Refugees International's hospitality at the Arts Club.

Many Thanks,  Elizabeth.

Just a note to tell you once again how much it meant to us that you were not only a part of our wedding but an integral piece to the incredible magic that took place. Thank you for the care you took with each detail and for the elegant, joyous atmosphere you so skillfully created for us.  We are still reveling in the beauty and the thrill of the moment.  

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Joanie and Michael 

Dear Amy, you spoke with passion and knowledge I didn’t find in any of my other meetings… It wasn’t until you put the beautiful bouquet in my hand that I truly felt like a bride…You gave me a better appreciation of flowers, and I know how lucky I am to have had you for my wedding.  

Warm wishes, Jessica 

Amy, you exceeded my expectations on every level. I went into wedding planning thinking flowers were flowers and they always look good. You have changed my opinion, seeing what an amazing atmosphere they can create and completely set the mood. I am impressed on how little detail I gave you, yet  it was like you knew exactly what I wanted. I know you did it with thought, creativity and love.

Thank you, Connie